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March 12, 2012

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What a wonderful day! Looking forward to the morning but this busy mind needs to rest! Goodnight world!


The importance of face muscles :) February 27, 2012

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Today while sitting at a red light I looked to my right and I got one of the sweetest, sincerest smiles I have ever seen. It inspired me to come home and share the importance of YOUR face muscles today.

Have you ever thought about just how cool it is that God gave us muscles in our face to express to others how we’re feeling. I have and I think it’s pretty awesome. As a baby no one teaches you to smile, you just instinctively know to turn your frown upside down when you’re happy on the inside ūüôā Is that not¬†the coolest thing in the whole, wide¬†world?

Have you ever smiled at someone and found they don’t smile back? Sure you have, but more often than not, when you smile at anyone they smile back. So today when a total stranger stuck next to me in traffic gave me an awesome smile, it made my heart smile. It also put me on a mission to smile at everyone I came in contact with and see just how many didn’t smile back. In the 30 minutes following my little encounter with Mr. Smiley, I had the opportunity to smile (up close) at 11 people. Out of the 11 people I smiled at only 1 didn’t smile back ūüôā¬† That’s almost 100%!¬† You have incredible odds of getting a smile if you give one because they’re as infectious as yawns.

So……. “Thank you Mr. Smiley in the black BMW who was stuck in traffic on Whitesburg drive at 1:10 today. You inspired me to smile more today. Yes, I got the message that you sent wishing me a wonderful day even though we’re strangers.”¬† And to Ms. Grumps¬†lady in the silver Toyota, “Thank You too.¬† You inspired me just like Mr. Smiley.¬† Yep,¬†¬†you inspired me to keep smiling even if¬†I don’t get one in return. You also inspired me¬†not have negative feelings about the one who’s not smiling.¬†Yes, I did get your message too.¬† The one that said you were too caught up in your day to make a stranger’s heart smile,¬†though it wouldn’t have taken you any more time or any more energy.¬† I hope you got my message too.”¬† ¬† And to the lady at the bus stop whom I quit smiling at months ago, thinking I was wasting my energy…..”You’re going to get bigger and bigger smiles from me from now on. Quit fighting the urge to smile back and just do it! I know one day you’ll catch the ūüôā too.”

Go out today and use your God-given face muscles and enjoy what you get in return!  YOUR smile could be the inspiration that someone else needs to make a lasting difference in their life.

Job 8:21 (NIV)  He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.


The STRENGTH that lies within. February 23, 2012

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This morning while having my coffee and “me time” I realized just how¬†tired I was.¬† Sitting there with my second cup of jo I found myself really¬†sleepy and thinking “I just can’t get up and get moving today”.¬† It made me question whether or not¬†I had enough strength inside of me to¬†get me through the day.¬† On the surface I certainly looked like I had just rolled out of bed and could definetly use a few more hours of beauty rest.¬† When I looked at myself in the mirror,¬†it really made me wonder what my insides look like.¬† Does my heart or brain look as tired as the rest of me?¬† I doubt it!¬† Third cup of coffee in hand I went back to that mirror and brushed my wild¬†bed head¬†and smiled this time when I saw my reflection.¬† That’s better.¬† Is my internal look reflecting what’s on the inside now?¬† I think it was a little closer, but it wasn’t until¬†I jumped out of the shower and put myself all together that I knew I could tackle the day with force.¬† This time when I¬†looked in the mirror, I had strength that I didn’t think I had just 90 minutes before.

I had just wasted¬†almost two¬†hours of this day playing internal tug of war.¬†¬†“Yes I can. No I can’t.¬† Yes I can. No, I can’t.”¬† Really, yes, really.¬† Two hours of my life that I will never get back thinking that I didn’t have the strength.¬†

When you loose someone you love, when you fail a test or¬†when you have financial disaster, those who love you gather around you and tell you that you WILL get through it.¬† It seems to me that it’s only during really trying times that the ones around us remind us of the strength we have.¬† Why don’t we remind those we love that this strength isn’t something that only infiltrates our bodies during trying times?¬† It’s there all along, it’s actually something we are born with.¬† Sometimes people have to be reminded that they have a strength inside of them that is much greater than their physical strength.¬† It’s so powerful that they literally can do ANYTHING they WANT to do and it’s been there since birth.¬†God himself put this amazing strength in every single one of us to live our day to day life to the fullest.¬† Sure, we need to rest and have to¬†recharge, but he gives us internal strength that was intended to be used during all¬†hours that we’re¬†awake.

Most people don’t use¬†a third¬†of the strength that The Good Lord gives them each and every day.¬†Too bad internal strength isn’t like roll over mintues so that¬†we can just save up and use¬†when we need.¬† Well,¬†the fact is, we are given an endless supply of internal strength every single day.¬† Physical strength is something we have to save up, but internal strength is much stronger than physical strength.¬† See, God did think of everything when he made us in his image!¬† Don’t just drag through life thinking you have just enough strength to get by, dig deep inside of that well of strength and put it to good use.

Today I pray you will feel the depth of your internal strength.  I pray that you will quit limiting yourself with your physical strength and know that your internal strength is stronger than you will ever need to be and it will never run out.  I pray that God will put someone in your path today who is just dragging through day to day life, so that you can help them to find the depth of their internal strength.  I pray that you will stand on the foundation of strength and power, not on the foundation of weekness.

I couldn’t pick just one verse to share with you today, because there are so many about our internal strength.¬† Each and every one of these verses is there to remind us that when we look to our Lord and Savior we have every bit of strength that we could ever possibly need.

2 Timothy 1:7  for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Romans 8:6 For to set the mind on the flesh is  death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through him  who strengthens me.


Do your dreams have life? February 16, 2012

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Do you remember dreaming as a child?  I’m not talking about the dreams you had while you were asleep, but the dreams you had while you were wide awake?  Children dream big dreams, vivid dreams and in their minds their dreams are REAL.  They can actually see themselves living in those dreams and often times they play pretend in the middle of their dreams.

I watch my little boys almost every day ‚Äúplaying‚ÄĚ in their dreams.¬† I hear my youngest son making all the sounds he hears in the crowd, while he throws the winning touchdown for the U of A football team.¬† My oldest son constantly tells me he is going to be extremely wealthy so that NO ONE has to be poor.¬† In his mind he wants to give money to everyone who has nothing so that they aren‚Äôt poor.¬† Those are their dreams.¬† They are very real to them and at this moment in their life, THEY KNOW THEY WILL COME TRUE.

Webster‚Äôs Dictionary¬†says dreams are ‚Äúa strongly desired goal or purpose‚ÄĚ.¬† ¬†Children know that dreams come true!¬† Most adults on the other hand get so caught up in the way of the world that they just quit dreaming or at the very least suppress their dreams.¬† Children know their dreams can come true, but most adults don‚Äôt think theirs can. Why is that?¬† When your child looks at you and says ‚ÄúMom, I want to be a pro football player‚ÄĚ do you really think¬†he can?¬† Of course you do! As a parent, I‚Äôm sure you have all the faith in the world in your child.¬† Why is it that you have lost faith in yourself?

I’m not sure why most people quit dreaming, but I have my guesses.  The only way to begin to make a dream come true is to COMMIT to the outcome, make a PLAN and take ACTION.  Dreams aren’t designed to just be thoughts.  They are there to chase and live one day, but you have to be committed to them, make a plan and take action to get there.  I would guess that most people just don’t know how to take the right action to make what was once their dream, their reality.

My parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.  I know they truly believed that.  I’ve wondered for years why I didn’t live my dreams, but now I know why.  I just wasn’t taught the importance of committing to the outcome, how to make a plan and how to take action.  I wasn’t taught how to bring my dreams to life!  They were always in my head, but they were never pursued because I simply did not know how to chase them.  

You have to give your dreams life  before you can begin to take action.  A few weeks ago my family built our living dream board.  We all had the opportunity to share our dreams and pick out pictures that best matched them.  I even checked my boys out of school early to go pick out our dream RV. Before anything went on our board, it had to have life.  We gave each picture sound, feeling, smell and movement before it earned a spot on the board.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had to this point with my family.  Now we have made a plan that will make all of our living dreams our reality.  We take daily action toward everything that earned a spot on our dream board.

Not only are my dreams alive again, but I’m helping others to bring their dreams to life too.  I can’t think of a better lesson to my precious boys than sharing my dreams with them and taking the necessary actions to LIVE them.

Regardless of where you are in life right now, you can dream again!¬† Have faith in yourself. Give your dreams life, commit to the outcome, make a plan and take action TODAY.¬† Share your dreams with someone you love and live them.¬† Don’t let the dream stealers of the world (yes there are many out there) take them from you.¬† Make your dreams your reality and teach someone else how they can live theirs too!

He replied, ‚ÄúBecause you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‚ÄėMove from here to there,‚Äô and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.‚Ä̬† Matthew 17:20


Don’t lose FOCUS! February 13, 2012

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This morning a not so funny¬† thing happened when I lost my focus for just a moment.¬† I had just finished drying my hair and couldn’t find my hairspray.¬† I wrapped the cord around my round brush hairdryer and placed it on the toilet while I looked for my hairspray in the drawer¬†that I normally store the dryer in.¬† I looked and looked for the hairspray and when I gave up, this is what I found.¬† After staring for a moment I realized that I had just dried my hair for the very last time with this particular hairdryer.¬† I called my husband to come look and he said with a¬†laugh “At least it wasn’t plugged in.”

I was so focused on my hairspray that I didn’t realize the toilet lid was up!¬† I know there are so many times in my life that I let distractions get in the way.¬† I will sit down to check emails and then all of a sudden I’m on Facebook and have forgotten that emails were the REASON I sat at the computer in the first place.¬†¬†This past Monday, my husband, Beau, came into the bedroom to find out why I had been running water in the kitchen sink for 45 minutes.¬† He asked if I had a reason or if I had just forgotten the water was on.¬† Well, you guessed it!¬† DISTRACTED!¬† I started cleaning and totally forgot that I had left hot water running in the kitchen.

Often times we let simple distractions get in the way of our FOCUS.  We tend to be SO focused on the next step that we lose focus of successfully finishing up what we were just focused on.

In our daily life we forget to PRIORITIZE.  When something is a priority then nothing comes before it except of course full on emergencies.  Priority begins with the word prior, so nothing happens prior to your priorities right?  Wrong!  Most people allow simple distractions to keep them from accomplishing what was once a priority.  It could be a TV show, a screaming child, a hungry husband or a Facebook friend in need, but in reality they can be distractions that PREVENT you from moving forward.

Focus is something that is very important to every aspect of life.¬† We should look at the things dearest to us and make them a priority.¬† If you’re wanting to lose weight this year, make it a PRIORITY.¬† If you are wanting to get out of debt this year, make it a PRIORITY.¬† Focus on your priorities and nothing else.¬† Don’t let simple distractions get in the way¬†of what ever it is that you truly desire.¬† In my life God comes first, then family and then my business.¬† These things are my priorities so nothing comes before them.¬†¬†¬†It’s simply not possible to focus on¬†and accomplish anything in life unless you make it a priority.¬† Let my lack of focus today help you to understand the importance of focus and don’t let your priorities end up in the toilet!

I pray that you will prioritize you life in a way that’s pleasing to God.¬† I pray today that you will not let simple distractions take you off course and that you will FOCUS on the things that are¬†important to YOU.¬† I pray that all who read this will be an inspiration in someone else’s life today and always.¬† I pray that you will all know Gods love for you.

‚ÄúTherefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil‚ÄĚ (Ephesians 5:15, 16).



T.G.I.F. February 10, 2012

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Almost always on Fridays you hear someone say “T.G.I.F.”.¬†¬†It’s ¬†really¬†amazing how many¬†people start looking forward to Friday on Monday.¬†Last week I saw a post on Facebook that asked “Why is Friday¬†so closed to Monday and why is¬†Monday so far from Friday”.¬† It reminded me just how thankful I am to be a stay at home mom and that I have a business I can¬†run right out of my kitchen.¬† Why is it that almost everyone in this world looks forward to FRIDAY?¬† What is so special about Friday?¬† Friday to me is just another wonderful day that I get to live and serve.¬† Friday to me is usually the day before¬†my husband¬†has an¬†auction or my boys have a¬†basketball game or soccer game.¬† Sure I look forward to seeing my husband in action as he sells someone’s house and I love rooting my children on in sports but really….. Why does anyone start looking for the end of the week as soon as a new week starts?¬† We are supposed to enjoy every single day we are given, NOT just Fridays.

Being able to stay home and still provide financially¬†for my family has given T.G.I.F a whole new meaning to me.¬† I get to say it everyday!¬† T.G.I.F, THANK GOD I’M FREE.¬† I am free from the chains that most people carry around everyday while they’re waiting on Friday to get here.¬† By the Grace of God I have been given my cake and get to eat it too!¬† I am free to stay in my pajamas all day, free to go on any field trip with my boys, free to go on vacation whenever I choose, free to lay up on the couch with my little ones if they’re home from school sick.¬† I am FREE to work whenever I want.¬† I no longer have anyone telling me what I can do or¬†when I can do it.

Did you know that most heart attacks occur on Mondays 4am-10am.¬† Really?¬† Why in the world would anyone look forward to Friday because that’s only two days from the day most people have heart attacks!¬† Most people put their blinders on and think “OK, this is the life I’ve been given and I just have to live it.” NOT!¬† You are free to choose how you live everyday and when you live in freedom, EVERYDAY IS A GIFT FROM GOD!¬† You may say I have to work.¬† I must have a check.¬† Well, guess what? I do too!¬† I just choose to work at Freedom Inc.¬† and no I’m not asking you to join me.¬† ¬†Yes, my¬†business allows me to show people a different way to live, but there are many amazing things out there just waiting for you! My whole point is this. There IS another way for you to live if you happen to be one of the gazillion people who spends your entire week waiting on Friday!¬† There are so many incredible opportunities out there that can be your vehicle to Freedom.

On this wonderful Friday morning, I pray that all of you who read this and feel like you are carrying around a ball and chain all week, will see your God-given gifts.  I pray that you will open your mind and seek a new way to live.  I pray that your choices will be rooted in the knowledge that our Lord and Savior died on the cross for your freedom.  I pray that this message will inspire you to be a happier, healthier you!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.  Galatians 5:1 (NIV)


Your heart’s desire February 9, 2012

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This morning I woke up to the most beautiful little heart a mom¬†could ever get.¬† My six-year-old spent a few minutes telling me how much he loves me on paper and yes, it will go in my treasure box.¬† I will keep this little piece of¬†paper FOREVER.¬† When he handed me¬†the heart he had drawn¬†and looked up at me with those big blue eyes, I melted.¬† I wish I could see exactly what’s in his heart.¬† I have an idea, but I just want to know everything¬†that’s in there.¬† I know Jesus lives in there because he’s told¬†me and¬†I know he loves me and his daddy from ‘Ol HO HO to New Mexico as he says. But just¬†what is his little heart focused on?¬† What is in his heart that’s so important to him he will do anything to get it?

You may be wondering how in the world¬† your heart can focus.¬† Well, we stare with our eyes, but we FOCUS with our hearts.¬† You’ve heard the old saying “You can have anything your heart desires” right?¬† Not once in there do you hear eyes or brain.¬† What we focus on in our heart is what’s really important to us.¬† Unfortunately, ¬†most of the time our¬†brain tells us that¬†we can’t have what our heart wants.¬† Why?¬† Why in the world does our head tell us that?¬† Is it because it’s smarter than our heart?¬† I don’t think so.¬† God gave us each a heart.¬† Not one of us can exist without it.¬† It has to be the smartest organ in our body.¬†¬†It’s what keeps us alive.¬†¬†Our heart¬†carries the blood that has¬†all vital material to the rest of our body and gets rid of the waste that we don’t need.¬† ¬†Your brain is very important, don’t get me wrong.¬† It’s what tells¬†you the stove eye is hot or to go to sleep because¬†your body needs to rest.¬† But why do we listen to our head instead of our heart?

I know my little 6-year-old is listening to his heart right now.¬† He has not lived long enough for the world to get into his head and tell him his heart is wrong.¬† Think about it.¬†¬†We¬†are born into this world innocent.¬† When I say¬†innocent, I mean the way God intended for¬†all¬†of us¬†to be.¬† It’s really sad to me that over time we let people tell us what we can and can’t do.¬† We let others plant seeds of doubt in our head that keep us from living the life the God himself intended.¬† ¬†Eventually all of those seeds clog our brain and we quit listening to our heart.¬† If you have been listening to your head and not your heart, QUIT IT!¬†God put everything inside of you to get what your heart desires!¬† YOU CAN HAVE IT! Quit allowing what’s clogging someone else’s brain¬†to clog yours.

Psalm 37:4 says Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.¬† This scripture is¬†there for a reason.¬† Not anywhere¬†does is say he will give you the desires of your heart unless your friend or mom or husband or the rest of the worlds thinks you shouldn’t have them.

I pray that each of you who stumble upon this post will squish the seeds of doubt, uproot them, get rid of them, destroy them and never again allow them to dirty up your brain.¬† I pray that you will focus with your heart and not your head and that focus will be so strong that you don’t let anything or anyone take¬†your heart’s desire¬†from you.